Chris Mckeehan

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Chris (Dink) McKeehan started his racing career in 1988 at age six when he first got behind the wheel of a racing go-kart. Over the next 14 years, Chris continued to race go- karts and won numerous races in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia. 

In 2002, Chris moved up to a Modified Mini Stock, asphalt car. In his very first year driving this car, he won Rookie of the Year at Lanier National Speedway and took third place in points. In 2003, he began running a Chevy Camaro in the highly competitive Sportsman class. Chris would capture five race wins and take 2ndplace in point standing for the 2003 race season.

In 2005, Chris began a new venture when he was given the opportunity to work for Mark Gibson Racing. During his time working for the MGR race team, Chris worked on chassis set ups, tested engines and drove in several ARCA Series NASCAR races at some of the top Speedways in the nation. After one season working for Mark Gibson Racing, Chris wanted to take his experience he gained and apply it toward a new aspect of racing. 

In 2007, Chris changed gears and decided to try his hand at a dirt car in the crate Late Model class. He admits that the first time out on the track, was almost like his first time racing. His nearly 20 years of racing experience could not fully prepare him for the thrill and surprise of getting into a dirt race car and heading out onto the track for the first time. Chris quickly learned that driving on dirt was like night and day from driving on asphalt. However, he was able to quickly adapt to the handling of these, on the edge of out of control race machines and once again felt “back at home” in his own car.

Chris has had remarkable developments as owner of DGW Motorsports and his racing career. He explored many classes of racing to include ARCA Series, Limited Late Models, Crate Late Models, Mini Modified, and more. Currently Chris has won 11 races in the 2019 season so far in the Crate Open Wheel Modified class. 

Chris (Dink) Mckeehan is excited about the expansion of his race team and the continued family tradition of racing with his two sons Cole and Parker.

Cole is now the youngest winning driver at Lavonia Speedway and his youngest son Parker would be riding along with the crewand help as much as he can .